Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Crazy Cat Lady

Those of you that know me probably know that I grew up with dogs- Nobody loved her dogs as much as I loved mine. I even walked around with their pictures in my wallet & and iPhone. When I moved into an apartment with my husband we were so lonely- the apartment just seemed empty to us without dogs. We didn't think it was fair to get a dog, we both have hectic schedules and apartment life can be hard for a dog. So, one day we were out and decided we'd just stop by and look at some kittens- we were still unsure about our decision to get a cat. (I had a preconceived notion about cats being loners, unaffectionate, and prissy.) So, we walked into the shelter and heard a cat sneezing, coughing and just looking miserable. We asked about her and we found out she'd been there for a long time because she had a respiratory infection- so we took the runny-nosed cat home, giving her the name Maris. A Few days later, we went back hoping to find a companion for Maris. The first cat we saw was this loud kitten, talk,talk,talk,talk,talk, that's all she did. People had been passing over her because all she did was talk. We LOVED her, so Daphne came home with us. We are so glad we brought them home. They are tremendously different than I thought, they aren't stand-offish at all- they follow me around, want to be carried, rub and purr on me. They are absolutely darling. I'm home alone a lot- Josh works and I got to University, so I like looking up from my books and papers to see cats waiting for me to throw a bottle-cap or scratch their little ears.

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