Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thank You!

This semester has been rough, ever since the beginning of college I've had great classes with topics that interested me and fantastic professors. But this semester the classes have just been...blah. Today I had a lot of stuff due for finals and prep for final exams, so it was not one of my best days.
So, after a long day of stress and sweating through my clothes due to my fear of public speaking, I decided to become a mindless drone and cruise Facebook and Pinterest. As I cruised Facebook one of my friends had posted an inspiring status, "Every day might not be good... But there's something good in every day." This status update reminded me that there is something to be grateful for every day, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I decided to think about the things I was grateful for (just from what I experienced today)- I have great, supportive friends in all of my classes, a professor trimmed their final exam, my cats made me laugh when I came home, I got to hang out with a dear friend when a class let out early, and I have a husband that just soothes my nerves- and that's just from today!
In addition to reminding me that "there is good in every day," I realized that without even knowing it, my friend had lifted my spirits. Every day we impact those around us. I hope to be a person that elevates the spirits of everyone within my realm of influence.
Applying this quote to my life has already put everything into perspective- does it matter that I didn't love all of my reading assignments? I missed a few hours of sleep so I'll make it up tonight, but I'm happy, healthy, and the Holiday's are right around the corner!

Thank you Jessica Davis for your Facebook Status <3

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