Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Favorite Short Stories

As a Lit student, I have read a countless amount of short stories. I absolutely love short stories, they contain all of the excitement and feeling of a novel but they are easier to make time for! So, for all of you busy readers out there (that want to actually finish a story occasionally) I want to share my favorite short stories with you.

  1. The Yellow Wallpaper- Charlotte Perkins Gillman- A wonderfully disturbing short-story about the roles and treatment of women around the turn of the century. The ending is spine-chilling. 
  2. Cathedral- Raymond Carver- A simple and inarticulate narrator experiences an epiphany through a relationship with a blind man.
  3. Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?- Joyce Carol Oats- a young girl yearns for adulthood but her innocence is snatched away in a traumatizing way. 
  4. Dubliners- James Joyce- Dubliners is a collection of 15 superb short stories. My favorite is Araby, a young boy goes to the fair.
  5. A Mark On the Wall- Virginia Woolf- I love all forms of writing but "stream of consciousness" is one of my favorites. Virginia Woolf is one of the few writers who perfectly put this human condition on paper.
  6. A Haunted House- Virginia Woolf- don't let the title scare you, it is not your typical haunted house. 
  7. Krik? Krak!- Edwidge Danticant- a collection of 9 short stories based on the brutal and hard lives of Haitians. I had to do this reading for a class and I absolutely suffered through this, the topic is horrifying and put into simple terms, sad. I admit I will only read it once, however, this author has a gift for story-telling. 
  8. Videotape- Don Delillo- A man is mesmerized and appalled by a scene of tragedy caught on tape. 

Share yours!

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  1. Oh, Videotape! I had forgotten how much I like that short.