Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pancake Springs

Sugar Mill Restaurant
There's a Florida State Park in Deland called Ponce de Leon Springs, located there is an old Sugar Mil from 1913 which has been made into a Pancake Restaurant. However, It is not just any pancake place, you get a griddle at your table and make them yourself!! My family left Saturday morning at 6:45am to get there for when it opened at 8:30 (worth the drive). It was 45 degrees and the Sugar Mill obviously doesn't have heating, just a beautiful fireplace with gorgeous stonework. The griddles on the table kept us warm and created one amazing morning trip. We were also lucky enough to see a Manatee (my favorite animal) surface for air at the spring! So, if you ever want a fun and unique experience, google map Ponce de Leon and load up the car! Hope you enjoy the photos and that they inspire you to go try something new! If you come across an amazing place be sure to share!
Griddle Table
My Lovely Parents
Me & Josh

Adding some Creamer
Mom making eggs!

Mom and Dad cooking!
Must have chocolate chips
LEFT: Choc Chips CENTER: Regular Batter RIGHT: Wheat Batter

Our Wonderful Pancakes 

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