Monday, June 10, 2013

The Best of Indian Cinema on Netflix

I really enjoy foreign films and a recent favorite is the Indian genre. I have created a list of my 6 favorite Indian films on Netflix (I know that lists usually consist of 5 or 10, but these are my favorites and I absolutely could not kick one off the list). Anyway, these are great films and I hope you enjoy them. Those of you familiar with Indian cinema will probably notice that 3 of the 6 films star India's leading man, Shahrukh Khan, and 2 others star Hrithik Roshan because they are my favorite leading men. 

1) Jodhaa Akbar: The film centres around the romance between the Muslim Mughal Emperor Akbar and the Hindu Rajput Princess Jodhabai who becomes his wife. My favorite. There is also fantastic music.

2) Mujhse Dosti Karoge!: The choice between friendship and love. Very Bollywood. 

3) Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi: A young, plain Indian man marries a woman he barely knows. But as is typical in all romances, he instantly falls in love with her. However, she does not love him (if she did, the movie would last only 30 minutes as opposed to 3 hours). He uses dance to try and make his wife fall in love with him. Love this leading man!

4) Veer- Zaara: Set against the backdrop of conflict between India and Pakistan, this star-crossed romance follows the unfortunate love story of an Indian Air Force pilot, Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh, and a Pakistani woman hailing from a rich political family of Lahore, Zaara Haayat Khan, who are separated for 22 years. Have some tissues on hand! 

5) Baabul: Millie meets the perfect man, marries and has a son. But this is only the beginning of her journey. After her husbands death, Millie's father-in-law attempts to put love back in her life. You're going to need those tissues again! 

6) Don: A great thriller from Indian cinema! A drug  lord is taken into custody and replaced with a kind, gentle body double. The good guy learns things and reports back to the police, but things quickly get out of hand. Excellent!

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