Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blueberry Festival '13

The Blueberry Festival is probably one of the cutest events in North Florida. It takes place in a tiny town, Bostwick, about 1 hour out of Jacksonville. For one day a year, Bostwick is filled with people on the hunt for delicious blueberries. And if you get there early enough you might be lucky enough to enjoy the fresh, homemade blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup, a sausage, and orange juice. If you don't get there within the first few hours of the festival they will run out and that is why we left at 6:30am!

My parents, along with myself and Josh loaded into the car and were among the first cars to be parked in an open field, where the wet grass came to your calf. But we weren't worried about our shoes because we could taste the blueberry pancakes! Luckily, we were at the front of the line, only waiting 5 minutes for a blueberry pancake breakfast.

In addition to the pancakes, they offered freshly baked blueberry pies, blueberry icecream, preserves, jams, and jellies. In addition to the already made goods, you could purchase 5lb bags of blueberries to do with whatever your tummy can handle!

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  1. Those blueberry pancakes look delicious. What a lovely festival.