Friday, May 24, 2013

My Newest Addition

Today was supposed to be a day of packing up boxes for my move to a larger apartment. Well, it took a bit of a detour...a fantastic detour! I went to The Grand Falloon in Yukona local vintage store, and found the most delightful chair to add to my new office! It is a mid-century modern chair- but not just any old chair! It is a platform rocker (meaning that it looks like a chair but acts as a rocking chair).
When I bought it, I thought maybe I'll restore and reupholster it,  but now I cannot see myself changing one thing about this chair. It has been loved by past owners and now my little family will love it. The fabric is gorgeous and only after wear and tear has made it unrecognizable will I consider having this lovely chair refurbished.
Well here it is- the chair I've been talking about in all of its vintage glory!

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