Thursday, October 11, 2012

Server Down!- Writing

The universities server is down? Computers cannot be logged onto and the internet is down? CHAOS ENSUES! How did we, as a culture, get to this point? We walk around like zombies- unable to access facebook, pinterest, or email. Can we no longer be alone with our thoughts? Students sit at Library computers unable to log in. They sit and stare at the screen waiting for signs of life while on their smart phones, hoping for wifi access. Unable or unwilling to pull our a notebook and write, pull out a paper back book and read it- without the guidance of the internet. Professors unable to present without powerpoint.
Computer classes inoperable- cancelled. What classes remain? English classes! Small groups of people with those ancient hard-back books, only they remain unscathed by the failure of the server. They pull out their Emerson, Thorough, and Shakespeare and fill their day with study without dependence on technology, that is, until they need to by lunch! I walk up to a restaurant on campus- "Sorry, servers are down- Cash only."
I thought I was different than those technologically-dependent students, but I'm not. Even in writing these opinions ONLINE I am creating a contradiction. I love technology, but maybe not as much as my counterparts. I buy books at a bookstore and take notes on paper- while I blog, research, and write papers on my laptop. I think this is the best time to live in, we have 1 foot in the past and the other in the future.


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