Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Best tea in the world!

My husband and I were at the mall and walked into a store called Teavana. This is store is loads of fun! You can make your own mixture of loose-leaf tea's! We blended the Blueberry Kona Pop and Pineapple Kona Pop- I love them iced! This is definitely our newest hobby!

What you'll need!
1) Loose-leaf tea- we got ours from Teavana for about $20 (for a very large quantity) but I'm sure you can get them at your closest farmers market or Whole Foods.
2) Tea Ball-ours is from Publix for about $2.50
3) A favorite mug!- Mine is from a thrift store, I found a set of 4 Star Wars Mugs for me and my husband to enjoy! $4.

* 1 tbs of tea leafs placed into the tea ball- or just pack it in!
* Seep tea ball for 5 minutes
*Sweeten with any sweetener to taste
*add any embellishment if you want!- Blueberries, Mint Leaves, Pineapple skewer etc.
* Serve Iced

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