Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Goals!

This New Years Eve was spent with my husband and parents. We spent the entire night watching Seinfeld and eating Chinese food (Orange Chicken is the best). So, just like everyone else I started to think about what I wanted to do differently this year- I came up with a few OBTAINABLE goals.
  1. Visit as many Florida State Parks as I can! I've been to several but that hasn't been enough to satisfy me!
  2. Of course, lose weight, since my chances of getting taller are pretty low. 
  3. Read more of what I want- finish my "Books to Read List."
  4. Organization! I'm already super organized in my school life, but my home is a bit chaotic, especially my closet!
  5. Remember Romance! I don't want to fall into that 6 months of marriage rut.
  6. Save money for a house. I love my apartment, but I want an herb garden, more room to hold my lovely thrift store furniture, and a place that is absolutely and wholly mine!
  7. Give cooking another chance. I absolutely hate cooking- the time I do have to myself should not be spent on cooking, so I want to find a compromise (30 minute meals). 
  8. Get rid of things I really don't need/love anymore. If I don't LOVE it, it goes!
  9. Take more pictures of me and my husband!
  10. Family trip to Disney World!
  11. Graduate from College in the Spring! 
  12. Breathe better- Out with the bad, in with the new. 
  13. Quote more Dr.Who ;) 

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